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Tue 25th Jun

Electric yachting is set to become as indispensable in the near future as electric cars are today. LUMEN Yachts is at the forefront of this revolution, combining cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and Dutch craftsmanship to offer a superior boating experience. Our yachts are not just vessels; they represent a new era of luxury and sustainability on the water.


When considering a switch to electric boating, there are a few crucial elements that deserve attention. At LUMEN Yachts, we prioritize innovation, ensuring our yachts are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Our commitment to Dutch craftsmanship guarantees unparalleled quality and durability, while our iconic designs provide an aesthetic that stands out in any marina. These elements come together to create a seamless and silent glide over the water, offering an unparalleled sense of freedom and connection to nature.


A key factor in our success is the precise combination of an optimized hull, advanced batteries, and powerful motors. This synergy allows our boats to travel two to three times farther than typical electric yachts, setting a new standard for performance and efficiency. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, where we will delve deeper into the specific features and benefits of electric yachting with LUMEN. From our eco-friendly innovations to the luxurious amenities that make our yachts a pleasure to own, we’re excited to share how LUMEN Yachts is redefining the boating experience.