Our electric boats are crafted to enhance your experiences on the water, delivering superior performance and cutting-edge design. At Lumen, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of marine technology, ensuring each journey is smooth, efficient, and memorable. Join us as we set new standards in boating, focusing on smart solutions and impeccable style.


Jaap de Jonge’s fascination with boats began in his youth in Giethoorn, where he was drawn to vessels that glided silently over water. Pursuing excellence in hydrodynamics, he delved deep into fluid dynamics during his master’s studies and later joined Damen’s Research department, focusing on hydrodynamic research. This background fueled his passion for integrating complex systems like battery technology, electromotors, and automation into boat design.

In 2017, a sailing weekend crystallized Jaap’s vision: to replicate the serene experience of sailing with the convenience of a motorboat. He embarked on designing an electric tender that prioritized efficiency and quiet operation, focusing on a smooth and swift movement at moderate speeds. This design philosophy was in stark contrast to conventional speedboats, which compromised efficiency for speed.

“”By 2018, Jaap was working at Royal Huishuis and Damen, the industry-leading shipyards. Partnering with renowned designers, he founded JR E-Yachts. Their collaboration resulted in the unveiling of the E32 prototype at Boot Dusseldorf in 2020, a design so innovative that it made a significant impact on the industry.””

Building on this success, Jaap and his team reimagined the E32 into the E10, engaging Mulder Design to create a distinctive, minimalist boat that prioritized recognizable yet tasteful design over traditional speedboat aesthetics. Today, Lumen continues to innovate with new models, focusing on crafting electric boats that offer a serene, effortless boating experience, driven by state-of-the-art technology and elegant design.

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Experience sound of sailing in silence with Lumen’s electric boats, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless design to glide effortlessly across the water. Embrace the tranquility of noise-free navigation, allowing you to connect with nature and enjoy the pure essence of boating.

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