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Dive into the advanced technologies and meticulous craftsmanship that power our revolutionary electric yachts. Explore the cutting-edge features that make every journey smooth, efficient, and sustainable.
Intuitive Steering
Our haptic steering system provides tactile feedback through the wheel, allowing you to feel your inputs in real time. This enhances your connection to the boat and ensures more precise and responsive steering, making maneuvering effortless.
Joystick Docking
integrates joystick docking technology, similar to Volvo's IPS and Yamaha's Helmmaster, into the electric control of its POD motors. This system allows for seamless and precise maneuvering, as electric motors transition smoothly between forward and reverse without the need for shifting gears. The result is an effortless and highly responsive docking experience.
Integrated Dashboard
Unlike other boat manufacturers who assemble vessels from various suppliers' components, Lumen Yachts integrates the entire boat into a central CAN bus system. This ensures that all elements are designed cohesively and communicate seamlessly with each other. Operating functions such as lighting and the anchor system are easily managed through a unified touchscreen interface, enhancing user convenience and overall boat functionality.
Unique Navigation
Developed in exclusive collaboration with industry leaders. The custom-designed interface offers a sleek, user-friendly experience, with the system's "brains" located below deck. This advanced setup ensures precise navigation and seamless integration with the boat's other electronic systems, providing an unparalleled boating experience.


In the realm of electric boats, the hull shape is as critical as the motor and batteries, significantly enhancing the boat’s performance and water behavior. Opting for a streamlined hull reduces resistance, which increases energy efficiency and extends the range on a single charge, allowing for longer, uninterrupted adventures on the water. The innovative fast-displacement hull combines the best aspects of full and semi-displacement types, delivering both high speed and optimal efficiency. This advanced design not only ensures a smoother and quieter ride but also enhances stability at higher speeds, making it the superior choice for both leisure and performance-focused electric boating.


Lithium-ion batteries offer a longer lifespan and more charge cycles, enhancing both performance and longevity. Calculating your energy needs is straightforward: multiply your motor’s power by the number of hours you wish to sail. Lightweight and durable, lithium-ion batteries are a cost-effective and reliable choice for long-term boating adventures due to their higher energy density and extended lifespan.
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Introducing cutting-edge technologies that transform navigation into a safer, faster, and more enjoyable experience than ever before. Features like Steer By Wire and Joystick Docking, paired with pod motors, provide unmatched precision and responsiveness, making maneuvering effortless. Remote service capabilities ensure real-time monitoring and diagnostics from afar, enhancing maintenance efficiency. Additionally, automated route planning and digital switches simplify the operation of onboard electronic systems, welcoming you aboard the future of seamless and advanced boating.

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